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High end Reverse Engineering and Offensive services. Focus on rapid prototyping of offensive tools, deep security analysis of hardware and software products.
Core competencies in:

- Avionics
- Automotive
- IoT
- Adversary Simulation

- Medical Equipment
- Scientific Devices
- Aerospace Equipment & Sensors
- APT Malware Analysis
- Vulnerability Research

Red Crow has a comprehensive hardware hacking lab including high-resolution photography, firmware dumping and disassembly, hardware attack tools, and more. You can find more information about our process here: The Process








Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering of hardware/firmware including:
  • Identifying chips and capabilities
  • Software disassembly and decompilation
  • Radio frequency survey and characterization using an RF isolation enclosure
  • Firmware dumping using our state of the art lab.
  We have performed this analysis on avionics, automotive, IoT, medical devices, etc.
Malware Analysis & Threat Research

Red Crow will assist in determining attack tool capability, developing signatures, and specific approaches to countering threats. Remote network forensics services available.
Adversary Simulation

This will test your detection and response teams as well as your defensive technologies and provide a unique training opportunity going up against a custom tailored attack designed to mirror a specific real world threat situation.




Anthony S. Clark has been in the security community for over two decades. He has given presentations at numerous conferences and venues including Blackhat, Defcon, SANS, OWASP, and others under the name Val Smith. He has taught training classes both privately and for Blackhat. Additionally, Anthony was a contributor to Metasploit, The Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES), the automated malware analysis site Offensive Computing, the consulting company Attack Research, and the cyber defense contractor Boldend.



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